Clean the Aquarium Glass without Scratching

The aquarium and its inhabitants will look their best when the glass is clean. So what is the best way to clean the aquarium glass without scratching it? There are a few reliable methods that we will discus below.

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Best ways to get rid of Red Algae

Red algae are a multicellular organism recognised scientifically as ‘Rhodophyta’. Red algae can develop quickly in both fresh and marine aquariums. Aside from the name, Red Algae is not always red in colour. Red algae can also be black, blue and green in color. The best way to get rid of Red Algae is discussed further down the page.

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The Best Ways to Remove Brown Algae from the Aquarium.

Brown algae which is also known as diatoms can be very difficult to remove from the aquarium. To make matters worse Brown algae looks terrible and can be harmful to your fish. Brown algae is a unicellular organism that is brown in color it has a bony structure that is primarily composed of silicon nitrate. Brown algae develops in aquariums with high nitrates and sometimes those with high silicon levels. Brown algae can also take over the tank when the lighting is too high or too weak for the aquarium. The best way to remove brown algae is to limit these key factors. Brown algae can be toxic to your aquarium inhabitants and it can also be damaging to the plants (or coral in marine/salt water aquariums) housed in the the tank. Identifying Brown algae is fairly easy usually Brown algae will accumulate over everything including the glass and substrate. Brown algae usually resemble a fine dust ranging from light to deep brown.

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The Best Cichlid Substrates

Cichlid substrates are important for the prolonged health and wellbeing of your fish. Most of these substrates will add buffers to the water to keep the pH at a higher level than most freshwater aquariums. Cichlids thrive in high alkaline pH and higher GH waters. This is mostly due to the limestone rich waters of their natural habitats in Africa. The best cichlid substrates will buffer the water to maintain a higher pH even after water changes. Most of these substrates primarily contain porous crushed coral/aragonite.

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Curing Ich – Best 3 Ways to Remove Aquarium Ich

Maintaining an aquarium takes knowledge and a great deal of patience. Unfortunately disease can occur at any time and without your knowledge. Fish should always be quarantined in a seperate aquarium before being introduced to the display tank. However, sometimes this just isn’t possible. When making your decision to start an aquarium, you should Continue reading “Curing Ich – Best 3 Ways to Remove Aquarium Ich”