Best Aquascapes of 2014

Here is a brief breakdown of some of the best competition winning aquascapes of 2014. These artists combine knowledge, skill and patience to produce some of the most beautiful aquascapes this world has ever seen. This is truly aquascaping at its very best.

Aquatic Garden


Wolinksi Gregoire produces this jawdropping scene that looks like it could be from Avatar. Jagged floating rocks are gently speckled with live moss giving the scene a perfect contrast. These rocks form ‘windows’ on the left and right which look like passages into another world.  The 82 Gallon masterpiece houses Green Neon Tetras, Eleocharis acicularis ‘Mini’ substrate, coral moss, weeping moss and many more. It is a delicacy of fine plants and brings together the best aspects of aquascaping. Whats more impressive is the seemingly low light setup used only 140 watts of lighting coming in at just 1.7 watts per gallon. It just goes to show aquascapes are not judged on the quality of their setup but the attentiveness of their artist.

The Flamboyant


Fabian Kussawaka unveils this beautiful aquascape coming 10th place in the annual AGA competition. At 48 gallons this aquascape mimics a stunning natural Japanese Garden. The Bonzai red ‘tree’ in the center is absolutely stunning carefully crafted with Bacopa sp Red. Other notable plants include Rotala Walichi & Green in the background, Flame moss, anubais on the wood and fine stands of Helanthium tenellum in the foreground. Cardinal Tetras have been used with an excellent complimentary effect. All in all a fabulous relaxing and thoughtful piece.



Cheak Swee Lim engages the audience with a truly natural and unruly aquascape. Aquascaping attempts to capture nature in its raw form. This aquascape does exactly that. Wild spurs of Needle Leaf Java Fern sway and dart into the open water. HC, Pennywort and Pearl Grass give the  substrate a natural and layered feel. Using three different substrate plants gives the impression these plants were not placed but grew here by ‘accident’. This aquascape really shows off nature in the highest form. A truly remarkable scape that must be absolutely stunning in the flesh.

Hidden Place



Paquale Buonpane mimics a natural forrest with this breathtaking aquascape. The amount of thought, dedication and time put into a production piece like this is mindblwoing. The simplicity of the plants is mind blowing. The vast majority of the trees are comprised of weeping moss, java moss and fisdens fontanus. This aquascape also uses modest lighting coming in at just 1.5 watts per gallon. The aquascape houses a small number of neon tetras which can be seen schooling at the front of the image. A very interesting concept of tree covered mountains has been executed very well. This is a glimpse of aquascaping really pushing the limits of imagination.


aquascaping competition winners

Michael Wong produces this calming aquascape at just under 65 Gallons. With over 3 watts per gallon, CO2 diffusion, 2 undergravel filters and ADA accessories this is a powerhouse aquascape. The fine needle leaves of Rotala Verticillaris in the back of this aquascape really emphasises the size of this piece. This is further complimented by the school of small neon tetra swimming across the ‘valley’. Although a consistent theme, Michael has managed to produce a stunning valley framed by two jagged mountains. The attention to detail is astonishing, aquascaping like this takes time, foresight and patience.



Last but not least is Siak Wee Yeo with this mesmerizing moss covered fantasy land aquascape. The arches in the rocks and height of the scape is incredibly difficult in achieving shape and stability. The moss, needle leaf java ferns and natural curves of the gravel substrate set this apart from other aquascapes. A truly fantastic achievement, it is interesting to imagine where aquascaping will take us next.

The majority of these scapes were entered in either the AGA 2014 Competition or the IAPLC Competition here Check them out for more details and even more beautiful aquariums.

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