Black Friday Weekend | Best Aquarium Deals

Black Friday Deals

Black Friday to Cyber Monday is the best weekend of the year to purchase electronics, clothing and homewares. Prices are often reduced on flagship goods that rarely go on sale. This is no different for aquarium products! Aquariums, filters, lights and  products go on sale over the weekend and its a great time to take advantage.

Best Deals This Weekend:

1. API Freshwater Test Kit $2141% OFF

Seriously, if you don’t have a test kit yet, this is the best deal from the #1 brand. Many aquarists consider a test kit to be the best investment you will ever make.

Freshwater Test Kit

Black Friday Test Kit

2. Tetra Cube Aquarium Kit $3235% OFF

Looking to build a new nano or want a small project for the holidays? Look no further. You won’t find a complete nano setup for anywhere NEAR this cheap. The tetra cube is a great aquarium with awesome ratings at an unbelievable price. Comes with filter and light. An awesome addition as a quarantine tank if you don’t have one.

Tetra 3 Cube

Black Friday Tetra Cube

3. Eheim Auto Fish-Feeder $2439% OFF

This is the #1 automatic feeder. An amazing price for when you’re away over the weekend or go on a week long holiday. The auto fish feeder will ensure your fish are given the correct amount of food at the right time of day. Why trust the next door neighbour with your aquarium when a machine won’t underfeed or overfeed your fish?

Auto Fish Feeder

Black Friday Auto Fish Feeder 

4. Marineland Canister 220 $8945%OFF

A canister filter UNDER $100 for up to a 55 Gallon aquarium. Not to mention this filter has excellent reviews and Marineland is an expert in filtration products. An excellent Black Friday deal if you’re looking for a new filter or need a replacement this year.

Marineland Canister Filter

Black Friday Canister Filter

5. Eco Complete Substrate $2320% OFF

The highest rated, most economic planted substrate available. Trusted by thousands of aquascaping and planted enthusiasts. At 20% off this substrate is a steal. If you’re looking to build a new aquascape or need more substrate its a great time to stock up and save.

Black Friday Substrate Deal

6. Dr Fosters & Smith | Spend $125 get $50

Thats almost 40% off your current and future orders. Dr Fosters and Smith is one of the most trusted pet websites and offer a wide range of fish, plants and coral. Saving 40% off ANY products will only happen once a year. If you’ve had your eye on a certain fish or plant pack now is the time to grab it.

Black Friday Dr Fosters & Smith

7. Bulk Reef Supply | 15% Sitewide

An excellent store for marine and freshwater enthusiasts. Enjoy 15% off site wide. A great time to buy more expensive, flagship products that never go on sale.

Black Friday 15% off Sitewide

8. Marine Depot | 15% Sitewide

Another excellent store for marine and freshwater enthusiasts. Enjoy 15% off site wide. If you’ve had your heart set on something expensive. Now would be a great time to get 15% off.

Black Friday 15% off Sitewide

9. Other Stores

Black Friday to Cyber Monday weekend is one of the best times to stock up and save on quality equipment that is usually full price. Shop around and look for the best deals. Other websites that have black friday aquarium deals include:





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