6 Easy Marine Aquarium Fish for Beginners

Saltwater fish are often perceived as difficult to care for. They can be challenging as saltwater fish require stable conditions. Marine fish are more difficult than freshwater fish . However, choosing the right fish can be very important. Easy marine aquarium fish are recommended for beginners. Some saltwater fish are extremely difficult to keep. This list runs through the best choices for the beginner saltwater fish keeper.

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3 Recipes for DIY Fish Food | Color Enhancing

High quality fish food is the key to healthy and brightly colored fish. However, high quality commercial fish food can be more expensive than DIY fish food and is often packed with numerous preservatives and even growth hormones. In nature fish eat a variety of plants and organisms in a balanced diet. Far different from the flakes they are fed each day.

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The Easiest LPS Corals for Beginners

Why are LPS the Best beginner coral type?

The ocean houses millions upon millions of LPS, SPS and other types of corals that co-exist all over the world. In fact, there are so many species and mutations of corals that it is estimated only a small percentage have been documented and photographed. So where does this leave you? The hobbyist who wants an easy coral LPS as we have be told time and time again, corals are ‘hard’. But lets be honest, everyone has to start somewhere. LPS or ‘Large Polyp Stony’ corals are definitely the place to dive right in.
There are hundreds of species of LPS available to be housed in the aquarium. LPS are relatively inexpensive and can add movement and stunning coloration to the aquarium. LPS are the easiest coral to care for by a big margin. LPS need far less care than sea fans, SPS, or other exotic varieties. LPS corals can be easily recognised by their long tentacles, iridescent colors and swaying movement.
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Vortech Quiet Drive Review | Worth Upgrading?

Ecotech Marine have released their latest advancement in marine technology. The MP10 , MP40 and MP60 are the most popular solutions for replicating natural currents in the industry. The new advancement in this range includes the MP10QD the MP40QD and the MP60QD. QD Stands for Quiet Drive technology. Having owned an MP40 the motor can be heard at times winding up and down. This is especially noticeable on a quiet setup during the night. The new quiet drive technology claims to reduce motor noise by up to 90% . This in itself is a huge breakthrough for the company. Not to mention the pump is fitted with a variety of other advancements. These include 6 extra continuous operation modes, feeding mode, night mode and sync with Ecosmart live.

Is It Worth the Upgrade?


Vortech MP40wES Is it worth the upgrade to the Vortech Quiet Drive MP40wQD?
This is one of the biggest questions on every reef fanatics mind. The MP40wQD is the real winner here. The pump has had a complete redesign increasing its maximum output by a whopping 40%. The pump is more efficient now fitted with a new propellor and higher quality bearings that may make this a worthy upgrade. The pump is priced at $349 which is $50 lower than the initial sales of the MP40. The MP40wQD comes with all the features at a very fair price tag. If coming from a MP40wES the upgrade may not be worth it. Personally moving from a working MP40wES to a MP40wQD the new unit is definitely quieter with more power.  However the majority of the time I have the unit on a lower setting. In my honest opinion $349 ($200 after selling the old unit) could be better spent on coral or monitoring hardware. Moving from an MP10wES however may prove a huge upgrade. MP40wQD will now be able to handle aquariums up to 500 gallons in size. For SPS tanks the MP40wQD is more affordable and outputs 50% higher flow rate than two MP10wES units. Thats some food for thought.

Vortech MP10wES Is it worth the upgrade to the Vortech Quiet Drive MP10wQD?

The Ecotech Marine MP10w ES has the option of upgrading to the Quiet Drive MP10wQD with only a change in controller. This offers noise reduction, efficiency changes and boosts in maximum flow. The Ecotech Marine MP10w ES is not renowned for being especially loud. This is mainly due to its small size. On my nano aquarium, I hardly notice the pump – especially when factoring in the hum of the return flow. Unless there is noticeable noise or lack of flow from your MP10wES, the upgrade may be mainly superficial. Unless buying a new pump outright, money from upgrading a fully functional MP10wES can be better spent elsewhere. If flow is an issue, remove your inhibitions and purchase the MP40eQD without hesitation. It is easily the best built, highest functioning piece of technology I have ever had the pleasure of using.


MP60wES Is it worth upgrading to the Vortech Quiet Drive MP60wQD?

To put it simply, Yes. I was fortunate enough to physically see and hear the difference between the two controllers. It is astounding how changes in hardware and software controllers can have such an impact on this pump. Unlike the MP10wES the MP60wES is a noisy beast. The pump is noticeably loud on quiet aquarium setups. The aquarium I viewed the demonstration had an underground filtration room and the tank was whisper quiet. There is a noticeable hum and gradual increasing whir when the MP6-wQD delivers strong flows to the aquarium. When the MP60eQD was (eventually) installed, the pump was noticeably quieter. So much so that we had to check the controller to ensure it was on full throttle. To put it simply, this is an upgrade definitely worth looking at.



MP40wES Owners should hang on to their pump and hold off purchasing the Vortech Quiet Drive MP40wQD until there is an issue or they plan on buying a new one. They won’t notice a huge difference except noise.

Ecotech Marine MP10w ES Owners should save their money purchasing the Vortech Quiet Drive MP10wQD unless a fraction reduction in noise is desirable. MP10wES owners should consider purchasing the MP40wQD is they require more flow as it is a brilliant pump.

MP60wES Owners should purchase the upgrade as soon as they can get their hands on it. Personally, the noise difference between the standard and Vortech Quiet Drive MP60wQD controllers was night and day.