The Best LED Lights for Growing Coral in the Marine Aquarium

LED Lighting Overview

LED Lighting has become very popular in the marine aquarium. The best LED lights for growing coral have higher wattage and improved functionality over cheaper LED fixtures. LED technology improved significantly over the last decade, 2017 has some great LED options for the coral hobbyist.

Gone are the days of hot and expensive Halide lighting that required frequent bulb changes. Spectrum and intensity are often adjusted via a remote control. LED’s have won the marine coral lighting war for three main reasons:

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Using two heaters in the Aquarium

using more than one heater

An aquarium heater is necessary for keeping almost any tropical fish. It is becoming a popular practice to use two aquarium heaters rather than just one. There are many species of marine and freshwater fish that live in warmer climates of the world.


The Amazon and the Great Barrier Reef are two locations in which the water temperature rarely falls below 25 degrees. Aquarium heaters replicate these environments. However, using a single heater is never recommended. Using two heaters in the aquarium have a number of advantages.

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3 Ways to Naturally Increase Aquarium pH

How to Increase Aquarium pH Naturally

The aquarium pH is key to a functioning healthy environment. Different species of fish thrive in different ranges of pH. Cichlids, marine fish and growing spirulina need higher pH to function and remain healthy. Sometimes tap water is not at the appropriate pH level required for keeping these fish. Many hobbyists immediately jump to use commercial additives, however these more often than not have a short term effect.

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The Best LED Lights for the Planted Aquarium

Planted LED Overview

LED’s have redefined lighting in the 21st century. The majority of new aquarium owners choose LED lights for a number of reasons. LED lighting uses less power per lumen output when compared to other planted aquarium lighting types. This means cheaper lighting costs. The best led lights for the planted aquarium have dramatically decreased in cost and have become affordable for even beginner hobbyists.

LED lights commonly last 50,000 hours. Let’s put that number into perspective. In a normal scenario your LED aquarium lights are active for 8 hours per day, 365 days per year. In this case it would take just over 17 years until they needed to be replaced. If that fact hasn’t sold you, consider that T5, T8 and Hallide lighting will change spectrum over time. This can lead to increased algae growth and ineffective lighting. LED lights will maintain their spectrum for their entire life and do not need to be replaced.

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Clean the Aquarium Glass without Scratching

The aquarium and its inhabitants will look their best when the glass is clean. So what is the best way to clean the aquarium glass without scratching it? There are a few reliable methods that we will discus below.

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