Clean the Aquarium Glass without Scratching

aquarium glass scratched

The aquarium and its inhabitants will look their best when the glass is clean. So what is the best way to clean the aquarium glass without scratching it? There are a few reliable methods that we will discus below.

The glass walls of your aquarium need to be cleaned regularly from the inside and outside. This should be completed at least twice a week. Algae is unsightly but can also be dangerous to your fish. Some strains of algae, such as brown algae, can be toxic to fish and plants. It is best to remove algae from the glass as soon as it grows.

aquarium glass scratched

When cleaning the glass it is imperative to use very clean materials. Most scratching occurs through foreign objects becoming trapped between the glass and your cleaning medium. Sand, dirt and sharp particles will scratch your glass if sandwiched in your cleaning efforts. This is especially notable for low iron or ‘starfire’ glass setups which have a softer glass and are more susceptible to scratching. The first rule to clean the aquarium glass without scratching is to always remove foreign particles from glass and cleaning apparatus’ before algae removal.

Cleaning the Outside Glass without Scratching

The exterior glass can be wiped clean with a soft towel rinsed in warm water. Look for sand or gravel on the glass and remove before wiping the towel across the glass. The outer glass surface sometimes has hard water accumulations that will require thorough cleansing.  The hard accumulations should be allowed to soften with warm water and then wiped with a wet towel. Domestic glass cleaning sprays should never be used as there is risk of these leaking into the tank and harming the fish. Once dry the outside glass can be buffed with a soft towel to remove water spotting. Always use clean towels and cloths.

Cleaning the Inside Glass without Scratching

  1. If thsponge for removing algaee algae is thinly spread you can use a washing up sponge. Gently use the scrubbing side in a circular motion on the glass.Always make sure you have washed your hands before placing them in the aquarium. Try to spend minimal time in the aquarium as it can increase stress on your inhabitants.


2. Use a magnetic glass cleaner. This cleaner has two magnetic attachments, one with a cleaning pad and one with a scrubbing pad. Place the rougher scrubbing half inside the tank and let it float on the surface.

magnetic algae scrubberPlace the other magnetic part on the outside of the tank and the scrubbing section should attatch itself. Gently slide the outside magnet over the glass. You may be required to repeat thicker sections of algae. Always clean the magnetic cleaners before use. Avoid scrubbing too close to the substrate. Sometime sand/gravel can get caught between the layers and will result in scratches over the glass.

3. Use an algae scrubbing blade. 

An algae scrubbing blade is the best choice for thick or difficult to remove algae. Some magnetic scrubbers also come with blades on the backside. Blades are very unlikely to scratch the glass when used correctly.aquarium algae blade

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