Black Friday Weekend | Best Aquarium Deals

Black Friday to Cyber Monday is the best weekend of the year to purchase electronics, clothing and homewares. Prices are often reduced on flagship goods that rarely go on sale. This is no different for aquarium products! Aquariums, filters, lights and  products go on sale over the weekend and its a great time to take advantage.

Best Deals This Weekend:

1. API Freshwater Test Kit $2141% OFF

Seriously, if you don’t have a test kit yet, this is the best deal from the #1 brand. Many aquarists consider a test kit to be the best investment you will ever make.

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Java Moss – Care, Tips, Moss Carpets & Moss Trees

Java Moss In the Aquarium

Java Moss is an aquatic plant that is commonly used in aquascaping and freshwater aquariums. Some tanks use Java Moss in obvious ways to form walls and trees. Other aquariums use the plant sparingly just on wood or rocks. It is very easy to grow, inexpensive and can improve your tanks health. Let’s learn more.

A carefully constructed Java Moss bonsai tree
A carefully constructed and densely grown Java Moss & Christmas Moss bonsai tree

If you’ve just purchased your first tank and  you’re still somewhat new to the aquarist game, there are a lot of useful things to know about Java moss. Aside from being a beautiful addition to any aquarium, this moss helps improve overall water quality, reduce algae growth, and provide protection and food for breeding fish.

Java Moss is useful for covering the substrate, rocks and driftwood

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Top 10 Best Fish Tanks – August 2017 Review & Picks

Choosing Your Fish Tank

There’s something soothing about the thought of coming home from a long day’s work, sitting back on your couch, and admiring the sight of multi colored fish swimming in the distance. Add to that the sight of a dimly lit aquarium with soft sounds of running water and you’ve got yourself a relaxing ambiance. The best fish tanks are easy to maintain and can be started for a low price.

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Sick Neon Tetra – Diseases and Treatment

Neon Tetras are a very popular freshwater fish, especially with beginners. In the wild Neon Tetras are known to live up to 10 years. Unfortunately in the aquarium Neon Tetras rarely live to this age. In captivity there is a higher likelihood that Neon Tetras contract diseases, become stressed or attacked by other fish. Sick Neon Tetra often perish prematurely. If your Neon Tetra is dying it is very important to identify the problem before proposing a solution. Incorrect treatment can further stress and damage the health of the fish.

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3 Best Ways to Clean Aquarium Glass

Aquariums are attractive decorative pieces, no matter where you keep them. Keeping an aquarium is a pleasant hobby and it’s more than fun to watch the lively inhabitants move about. For this fun to prevail and the beauty to continue it is very essential that the glass of the aquarium should be sparkling clean. But what are the best ways to clean the aquarium glass? It’s a job that requires care and patience to ensure the glass is free of algae spores but is not scratched in the process. Special care is even more important in acrylic aquariums.

If the glass walls are dirty and spotted the fish will not be clearly visible and the entire objective of keeping the aquarium will be lost. Therefore the glass walls need to be cleaned regularly from inside and outside.

Cleaning the glass walls from outside is quite easy. The outer surface will also have some synthetic bands and hard water accumulations that will require thorough cleansing. The glass can be wiped clean with a soft towel rinsed in warm water. The hard accumulations should be allowed to soften and then wiped with a wet towel. The synthetic portions will require some specific cleansing solution. Using domestic glass cleaning sprays should not be used as these can enter the tank and harm the fish.

You can use one of the three methods for cleaning the glass wall from inside:

  1. You can use sponge and clean the inside wall manually. Take care to be gentle as not to terrify the fish with too much hand movement.
  2. A better way is to use a magnetic glass wall cleaner. This cleaner has two magnetic attachments, one with a cleaning pad. Place the padded part inside the tank with the pad touching the glass. Place the other magnetic part on the outside of the tank such that it holds the padded part. Gently slide the outside magnet all over the glass wall.
  3. Use an algae scraper with attachments to scrape the inside walls clean.