Radion XR15FW Freshwater Light Review

Ecotech Radion xr15FW

The Radion XR 15 FW is a LED light sold by Ecotech Marine. The first thing that strikes you is that Ecotech Marine primarily produces saltwater products. We know the majority of Ecotech’s R&D is spent working with corals and marine fish species. Does this make the XR15FW a highly researched product or just an attempted market capture by Ecotech?

This question is tough to answer. What we do know is that Ecotech makes very good products. So good infact that starting a marine aquarium without one of their Vortech pumps is akin to driving with a blindfold on. So we can safely assume that in terms of quality Ecotech is bang on the money. I was lucky enough to test drive one of these units and I was impressed by how refined and finished this product really is. But this is expected for a product that costs more than $300USD. Lets take a look at some of the functions that make this product unique.

15fwThe Radion XR 15 FW utilizes 15 4w high output LED’s. Its challenging to put this in perspective of Metal Hallide or T5 fittings but we can assume its an equivalent of around 2-300 watts. Considering theRadion XR 15 FW is only 7×7 Inches and 1.5 Inches thick, this output is very impressive. At the same time however, it’s a very limited size unit. Unless you have a cube sized tank or plan on purchasing multiple units it’s use becomes quite limited.

The colors are broken up into neutral white, deep blue, blue, green, hyper red, indigo, uv. The vast spectrum of colors will definitely aid in supplying the plants with light very similar to sunlight. Looking at the graph shows a strong spike in blue and magneta levels. These are important in aiding rapid growth in aquatic plants. I feel Ecotech has hit the nail on the head with the spectrum, taking care to match nature. If that isn’t enough you can change specific light wavelength intensities and durations.

Personally the bracket that comes with the light is not attractive. And if we want to be pedantic, the whole light unit is fairly boring without much character. This is partially made up for by the phone application. It’s fairly intuitive (although it takes a lot of getting used to) and allows you to adjust all lighting parameters at any time. ‘Ecotech Live’ allows this efficient broadcasting over network.

All in all the XR 15 FW will produce a very strong light that has a wide range of applications. It will use up to 60% less power than older efficient setups. It has removable lenses that can be adjusted for deep or shallow aquariums. And it is sold by a company with a very good reputation. Unfortunately the unit is very expensive. This is only made worse by the fact the unit is square and may be unsuitable for a longer aquarium.

Takeaway: If you have a cube style aquarium, you are a fan of LED technology and enjoy the idea of smart phone app integration this may be the light for you. Purchase it and never look back. I was not disappointed in the trial and can assure you will receive value for money on this long term investment.

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