Reviw of the AquaClear Power Filter

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The AquaClear Power Filter is a hang on the back filter for the aquarium. Thats it. A pump, some filter media and a water intake. Without getting fancy, the Aquaclear Power Filter does exactly what its supposed to do. It keeps your aquarium clean between maintenance and aerates the water. Here is a link to the product in this review.

The main advantage of the AquaClear is this is an affordable filter (~$23 at the time of this article). $23 for a waterproof, electronic pump that has been engineered to work continuously for long periods of time seems to good to be true. I thought the same thing. Until I actually bought one and tried it myself.

No Lock In Contract

If you have purchased a filter before, you will quickly realize that almost all brands sell their filters in the same manner that electronic companies sell printers. They sell you the unit at a very low price. They then sell you replacement media and cartridges at elevated prices. I was surprised to find that the AquaClear Power Filter didn’t force you to spend money on new expensive filtration media every week. Instead it uses a block of foam that traps debris in the water column. You can simply rinse this foam in a bucket of fresh water and you are good to go.

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Removable Carbon

The carbon can also be changed at any time and is not attached to the filter media. This is a nice touch and lets YOU decide when it is time to change the activated carbon. The Jury is still out whether freshwater aquariums even need carbon, but that is a story for another time.

Reasonably Quiet

AquaClear Power Filters are quiet when up and running. It will take a little time to prime the filter, remove air bubbles and adjust the flow rate. The filter will become even quieter once a slime coat has built up in the unit. As with all hang-on filters, the water level should not be allowed to get low enough that it is possible to hear the water return to the aquarium.

Huge amount of Customizable media

AquaClear Power Filters gives the option of many different types of modern media for the filter. I have experimented with Nitrate reducing medium before and found it quite effective. It helped to reduce an algae problem I was experiencing on a new tank.

Aquaclear Power Filter Negatives

Well, what are the negatives? I found that the plastic casing of the unit was very thin. I would have liked to have seen more integrity with the unit itself. If this slipped out of my hand (which is an actual risk for anything in the aquarium) I feel it would crack even if dropped into a bucket from knee height.

I have also read in a number of places that this filter is unable to prime itself after a power outage. I simulated this by turning the power on and off without issue. It is possible that at lower water levels this could potentially be an issue but I highly doubt it performs worse than other hang-on filters in this regard.

Aquaclear Conclusion

Overall, this is a great piece of equipment, especially considering the price. Filters need to be reliable & this is a reliable product from what I have seen thus far. At the time of this review, the unit has been running for 4 months straight with no issues. If you are considering purchasing this product, do so through this link here which will help you to support our site. I am in no way affiliated with this brand or product and aim to give whole hearted, well rounded reviews on products.

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