The Easiest LPS Corals for Beginners

Why are LPS the Best beginner coral type?

The ocean houses millions upon millions of LPS, SPS and other types of corals that co-exist all over the world. In fact, there are so many species and mutations of corals that it is estimated only a small percentage have been documented and photographed. So where does this leave you? The hobbyist who wants an easy coral LPS as we have be told time and time again, corals are ‘hard’. But lets be honest, everyone has to start somewhere. LPS or ‘Large Polyp Stony’ corals are definitely the place to dive right in.
There are hundreds of species of LPS available to be housed in the aquarium. LPS are relatively inexpensive and can add movement and stunning coloration to the aquarium. LPS are the easiest coral to care for by a big margin. LPS need far less care than sea fans, SPS, or other exotic varieties. LPS corals can be easily recognised by their long tentacles, iridescent colors and swaying movement.
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